Whiteboard Owl

Requires Meeting Owl Pro or 3

Whiteboard Owl

Our dedicated whiteboard camera pairs with the Meeting Owl Pro or 3 so remote team members can easily view your in-room whiteboard.

  • Ships in 2-3 Days
  • Only available in the US
  • Easy 30-day returns
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In-person or remote, get the best views.

Now you can experience live collaboration, no matter where you're located.

Improved experience with smart software

PDP | WBO | Software | Whiteboard Enhance (Update 8.2022) without Passphrase

Whiteboard Enhance

  • Presenter is transparent so the board is never blocked from view

  • Glare and shadows are reduced for full whiteboard visibility

  • Higher-quality graphics with increased contrast and saturation

PDP | WBO | Software | Whiteboard Capture

Whiteboard Capture

  • Participants can view and download hi-res whiteboard images during meetings

  • Get a unique link and passcode each meeting for your team to access

  • Link refreshes every 30 seconds to show you the latest version of the whiteboard

Built for rooms of all shapes and sizes

PDP | WBO | Setup Rooms

Flexible Setup

  • Works for whiteboards up to 20’ x 15’ from 16' away

  • Wall-mount with drywall screws and anchor or adhesive strips

  • Ceiling-mount or attach to a tripod for greater flexibility in larger rooms

PDP | WBO | Box

What’s in the box

  • Whiteboard Owl

  • Power cord

  • 2 magnetic whiteboard tags

  • Drywall screws and anchor

  • 2 adhesive mounting strips

  • Quick Start Guide


Pixel Resolution: 4208 x 3120

Horizontal Field of View: 68°

Output Resolution: 1080p


Size: 5” H x 5.25” W (13cm H x 13.5cm W)

Weight: 0.75 lbs (0.35 kg)



It all starts with the Meeting Owl 3

Get essential collaboration features for your hybrid teams including:

Say hello to flexible technology

  • Connects multiple Owl Labs devices to support meeting rooms of all sizes and budgets

  • Positioning cameras within 3-6’ of every in-room person gives remote participants a fully immersive experience

  • Effortlessly expands the pickup range to 44 ft for audio and 28 ft for video by allowing two Meeting Owl 3s to work as one

Follow the discussion

  • Tracks the active presenter so remote participants can follow the discussion

  • Makes it easy to lead hybrid meetings, presentations, and classes by focusing on the primary speaker

  • Additional in-room speakers are still highlighted in split-screen view

MO3 Software | Apps Hero

Customize and control your meeting experience

The Meeting Owl App can be installed on any iOS or Android phone as well as Windows and Mac desktop computers, giving you complete access to easily set up and manage your meetings, adjust settings, and more.

See how Owl Labs is used out in the world

tabbedfeature:case study | WBO | EDU

Content on the whiteboard is so important to both our teachers and students. With the Whiteboard Owl, remote students can now truly engage with that content.

Marc Boucher, Director of Library and Academic Services, Lake Superior State University


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